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Being Ready: Take Charge of Your Mindset? 



When we take charge of our mind and professionalise our mindset, we start to see that it is the most valuable resource we have. 


Not only does it underpin all that you do; how you do it, how you feel doing it, how it’s remembered, and so is incredibly malleable. Five minutes a day training your mindset can significantly help to reframe your life and change the quality of every experience you have throughout the day.


If you, like many others that I have worked with, are feeling compelled to take ownership of your mind and be the one holding the reins, let’s first assess how much time and money you spend in other areas of self-development. 


How much do you spend on physical programs, gym memberships, nutritional benefits, technical products that give you better data about what and how you do what you do, or any activity or training that you do to ‘be better’ that is not directly related to mental training?

Is it 2 hours a week, 20 hours? $3 a month or $3000? 


With this in mind, how much time and money do you spend on mental skills training? 


The difference between the two, for most people I come across, is almost always vast—which seems strange don’t you think? 


It is our brains that we rely on to communicate effectively, feel good, and prosper both professionally and personally. It literally determines how our lives are experienced, whether we achieve success or not, whether we feel happiness or not.

This lack of focus on optimising our own mind would not be acceptable if it was any other area of self-development and would probably be labeled as downright unhealthy. 


If we are not actively training our mind, then by default we are simply expecting or hoping our mind to perform moment-to-moment. Although this passive approach may be adequate for most menial tasks, when the buck stops with us in an important event, this neglect is as fruitless as expecting the body to run a marathon without any training.

Equally, in the long run, this passivity leads to avoidant behaviour and disempowerment resulting in someone drifting through life missing opportunities for richness and fulfillment in our lives.

Imagine if you woke up every day and went to a school that provided an education for optimal development. Not the typical dispensing of top-down lecturing, memory retention and tokenism focused school. Rather, a safe space to explore and follow your undivided interest to get the best out of you. A school whose primary concern is about developing your ability rather than achieving your benchmarks. A place which can foster your curiosity into concentrated action and meaningful moments where you level-up your development and not just your CV.  


Well, this academy exists. It is waiting for you. To engage with it, you first have to commit to taking charge of your own experience. I can guide you through the foc, train you on what skills you lack, and help challenge you where you need it most, but first and foremost you need to be ready. 


I can help you to take back control of your mind, enrich your experience, and improve the quality of your performance. To make radical transformations and improve your life significantly, however, you must commit to taking the reins of your experience, the same way an athlete would commit to a physical training regime. 


The journey starts with you and your readiness.


Like most things in life, what you put in often determines what you get out. So, if you are thinking of working with me, please take a moment to check-in and self-assess how committed to change you are. 


We can engage in private, transformative training. I can help show you your blind spots, and strengthen your greatest weakness. BUT, you have to be ready.



Are you ready?


I hope to speak soon,




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