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Performance Coaching - Intensive Retreat - Meet Surgeon Emily


The following report is a testimonial / case study from a client that I have worked with who has agreed to share their story and experience, so that people like you can understand their journey and how it may relate to you.

Being a surgeon is a complex and challenging career. The day-to-day stress, long hours, and commitment required can be testing, both within the career and then balancing a life outside the job.

It has been a pleasure to work with Emily through her journey to take charge of her performance, psychology, and life. Her training with me, initially targeted towards her work, has been transferable to her life as a whole, transforming (as evident by the below comments) bother her work and life outside her career.

“I came to Cameron for help with self diagnosed performance anxiety, that’s all. I was hoping a performance coach could “fix” me pretty quickly so I could get on with work and fake a high level of arrogance to pass the biggest exam of my life which I viewed as my ticket to freedom."

"I booked in for a weekend intensive and after the first day my expectations were blown out of the water. I left the weekend intensive internally transformed, feeling a deep soulful connection to myself and a new level of confidence, self- compassion and maturity as a mother, wife and professional. I felt more free that I had in decades."

" I felt more grateful for my husband and children. I felt more in control of the uncontrollable and less frightened of the future. I never imagined such transformation could be possible in such a short space of time. I emitted a new energy of authenticity, self composure and self empowerment. I had a new outlook on life and I felt untouchable."

"The effects were longstanding and difficulties at work or at home became opportunities for growth and development, moments of self assertiveness became massive wins and my ability to focus on the present led to richer experiences everyday."

"Frequent sessions with Cameron thereafter have helped deepen my awareness and understanding of myself and how I want to shape MY life. Life has so much in store for us, it can be difficult to navigate at times, especially when you have high expectations of what you want to achieve. I have had the opportunity to ensure my goals align with my values and my coach Cameron helps to keep me on track with multiple mindfulness tools and objective feedback."

"I am now achieving and often exceeding my capabilities with less effort and strain. I have experienced flow. I am a better version of myself and I love feeling this way."

"I see a very clear demarcation in life; my life before I met Cameron and my life after. This is one of the best investments of time and money I have ever made. I am embracing and enjoying my journey, guided by an expert coach, I am incredibly grateful I met Cameron.”

If you are interested in undergoing the same intensive as Emily, take a closer look at my intensive retreats.

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