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“Cameron has helped me strengthen my mindset and mental approach to elite skiing; the lessons have affected my entire life for the better.”


“I’ve listened to many podcasts and watched many videos on this mythical “flow state” but hearing Cameron explain and break it apart first hand really helped to crystallise my understanding. The talk was well structured and deeply engaging. His expertise really helped to drive the message home! Can’t wait to put his tips into practice.”

Rutian Ke - Manager, Twilio

“I am extremely happy with what he (Cameron) has enabled me to achieve, to create fresh goals and align my thinking across all aspects of my business.”

William Forwood, Group CEO, Merx

“Cameron summarised the science of flow and performance in a way that was accessible and practical. All attendees reported the event a great success.”

Dr Loretta White, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology

“I really appreciate what you (Cameron) have taught me not only for my sport but more importantly for my life. The lessons I have absorbed, in which I use daily, are priceless.”

Nathan Charles Australian International Rugby Player

“I’ve rarely worked with a coach who has been able to create and maintain such a calm, safe, and supportive space from which to feel ready and able to explore and grow... a true gift that I have benefited from hugely.”

PhillIpa Bray, Boots Executive

“Thank you very much for facilitating our innovation workshop recently. You certainly created an excellent environment for our team to engage and make an even contribution. The structure of the day was ideal to maintain maximum productivity. We also thank you for following up and holding us accountable for implementing many of the ideas we discussed on that day. Great work, thank you.”

David Scott, GROUP CEO, Brew Hub

“Cameron is an exceptional public speaker who has a unique ability to captivate an audience and keep them engaged. His relevant knowledge in matters of reaching optimal performance (through Flow) is outstanding. Anyone who has the pleasure of meeting and working with Cameron will gain life-altering tools to help them thrive (not survive) as they reach new heights.”

Carolina Asenjo – International Marketing Manager, EIT. Event: Graduate Gala

“Finding flow will take anybody to a happier level of existence where they’re enjoying what they’re doing, which I think can be missing in a lot of people’s lives. Cameron has certainly lived an interesting life, and has created an exciting model that will undoubtedly help many for years to come.”

Rebecca Soni, Six-time Olympic Medalist, Swimmer