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Martina Wegmen - Performance Coaching - Case Study


The following report is a testimonial / case study from a client that I have worked with who has agreed to share their story and experience, so that people like you can understand their journey and how it may relate to you.

Martina Wegmen is a professional athlete recently competing in the Tokyo Olympics in canoe slalom, and came 7th, superseding expected results. Martina is a World Champion kayaker, dropping many first descents down waterfalls and paddling remote white water rivers.

Martina, a Dutch athlete looking to maximise her performance, was already 'on top of her game', but was open to learn more. She knew that every small improvement can be significant when it comes to elite racing, so we took a look at her whole approach to kayaking and performance. We examined how to get into her 'bubble', reduce outside influence, relax during competition, not get caught up in the stress of media obligations and the frenzy of other competitors, and how to sharpen her mental skills. To give you an idea, we worked on (and not limited to) the overall management of her training, how to peak for important events, periodise her training, improve her visualisation, integrate mindfulness practices, believe in herself when it matters most, and and make month-to-month important decisions.

It has been an incredible journey for Martina. She has changed codes as an athlete and still managed to represent her country; and realise her dream of competing in the Olympics. Martina has engaged in personal coaching for many years now, has improved her mental game, and learnt many peak performance skills. Further, she has transferred this self-management into her life outside her sport and enjoying the benefits. Importnatly, she is as motivated as ever to stretch her potential and enjoys the lifestyle of an elite performer (even during a pandemic).  She will be a force to be reckoned with for many years to come.

Martina outlines:

“As my personal goals changed, I started working with Cameron Norsworthy more intensely and regularly. I’m very grateful I did!”

“I have always been very interested in the mental part of racing. Coming from an extreme sport background I had a lot of moments where I was naturally in a flow state. Once my goal shifted, however, and I changed from Extreme Kayaking to Canoe Slalom, it took away the ‘danger’ of the sport and the easy way to get into a flow state. So, I knew I needed another edge, and I was very interested and eager to learn more and develop these skills.”

“Now in hindsight, I can see how my time with Cameron has helped me not only in sport but also in life in general! The skills have been very transferable across my life”.

“One of my favourite takeaways has been the work we have done regarding Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (REBT). I have learnt how to change my thought process to a much happier and healthier way. There are many skills I could go into, but the ability to change my mind, manage my thoughts, and focus on helpful patterns of thinking, has had a huge impact in my life. It haas helped me perform better, and enjoy difficult parts of life.”

“Through learning with Cameron I have been able to create an amazing ritual for my racing, I have improved my race preparation, and routines for when I perform.”

“Other than improving myself, in 2019, I had a very clear goal: to qualify for the Olympic Spot for The Netherlands. Since my work with Cameron and the training, I had a great season and managed to secure the spot and bring Netherlands back to the Olympics for Canoe Slalom :-). Not only that, I finished 7th, which was a great result far exceeding other people's expectations on me.”

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