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Simon Homsany, Football Player, Coaching Case Study


The following report is a testimonial / case study from a client that I have worked with who has agreed to share their story and experience, so that people like you can understand their journey and how it may relate to you.

Simon is an athlete looking to play in the AFL and sought my help to improve his abilities, recapture a level of confidence he once felt, sleep better, reduce the stress in his life, and get one step ahead of his competitors. A very intelligent player and individual, Simon knew that although he was training hard and working technically on his game, professionalising his mental game would help him get ahead and give him the edge he wanted to excel.

After a year of working together, we built a comprehensive training program, refined his pre-performance rituals, and embedded a number of mental skills to meet his aims. Over time he radically improved his confidence, starting performing regularly in the best player list (despite suffering multiple injuries and layoff periods), and has a clear vision of how he can achieve his dreams of playing professional footy whilst building a secondary career on the side.

"I came to coaching to improve my mental capacity and enjoyment for the game of Australian Football. I was lacking enjoyment and motivation for a game I grew up loving and aspiring to play professionally.

My experience working with Cameron has taught me invaluable skills specifically to improve my cognitive ability to regulate my emotions and get the very best out of my mental capacity.

Cameron combines both the theoretical and practical components of sports psychology to enhance athletes in all areas of their life.

The one-on-one approach ensures a comprehensive and trusting relationship where you are provided the opportunity to get the very best out of yourself.

I have benefitted greatly from Cam’s expertise and professionalism where I am enjoying my sport, have direction, and most of all confident in my abilities."

Simon Homsany,
East Perth Football Club

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